Selected Publications:

Bold Monkey, Carousel, Existere, The Unroarean, Tree Killer Ink, Nightballet Press, Envoi Poetry, Obsessed with Pipework, Carnival Lit, Ink in Thirds, Fib Review, Outlaw Poetry, Anatomy & Etymology, Blazevox, The Prairie Journal, Crap Orgasm, Descant, The Steel Chisel, Grain, Soliloquies…


Sonofabitch Poems

“The beauty of the poems lies in the scattered, often shotgun detail.”
– George Anderson
“Powerful, tender, compelling, tough-minded.”
– Penn Kemp
“These poems are like Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson’s character in the 1974 movie Death Wish.”
– John Yamrus

 Half Myths & Quarter Legends

“A collection of poems that will destroy your preconceptions of how stories are told and redefine what visceral literature is​.”
– Lawrence Gladeview
​”Half Myths & Quarter Legends is not a book of horror, nor is it cemented in shrouds of black. It’s more a case of reality refusing to disappear.”
– Andreas Gripp


“Raymond writes poems like novels – if novels were lives that could be smashed against a wall in anger and pieced back together in the morning.”
– Wolfgang Carstens
“The mundane polished to a sheen of sublime.”
​- Jay Passer
“let[s] a reader dwell in the unpleasant pleasures of annoyance…”
​- Andrew Bailey

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