They are scared

The birds wait patiently for a place at the feeder, but the grackles and starlings swoop in and scare them off into the nearby trees. They hack and fight and bully their way to the seed & suet cylinder. With utter disregard, they peck, pick, gnaw at the bounty, overfilling themselves, never leaving. Then, weak … Continue reading They are scared

The thaw

Everything is monochromatic this morning, from the grey-white sky to the grey-white snow. The birds have conspired to emphasize this colourlessness. Cardinals and blue jays sing in the distance, unseen, while juncoes and chickadees pick at the black oil sunflower seeds in the feeders. Below, two squirrels wait for scraps – one black, one grey.


I remember, as a young boy, learning that the earth spun. I was so excited by the prospect. Yet, with my eyes closed, I couldn’t feel any movement. My mission was simple: I needed to prove it. Before bed, I lined up a Hot Wheels car with a tree far away across the street. I … Continue reading Microcosmic